Yay, closure. I’m now finally unemployed and in a somewhat ambiguous mood (can’t really figure out how I feel).

So to celebrate change/closure, I thought I’d upload a song I wrote about a robot with feelings.

      1. Happy Robot

New Stuff

I just recently started working on my Illustration “portfolio”. By Illustration I mean drawings mostly. For the moment a collection of vector/rastergraphics, hopefully I’ll be digitizing some pencil drawings as well.

Categories are (at the moment):

Characters – digital doodles of figures, people, animals and that kind of stuff

Textures – studies and experiments with vector graphics mostly

Work Experience – a portfolio of work I’ve made in a professional context.

Sunday Off

Spent most of the day just browsing through old CDs and other backups to see if I had any good old pictures to put up, and then found this little musical draft of a piano piece.

Considering I mostly play around with electronic instruments and the sound of synthesizers I think it offers a slight variation with the “acoustic” sound of the piano:

      1. Piano

Think Straight

Playing around with synthesizers again.

A short little piece of music about being reckless, bored and unable to do anything productive whatsoever.

      1. Think Straight

Wake up and smell the coffee developer!

So what’s on my mind lately? You might have guessed it: Caffenol.

And as I’ve yet to get stable results, I’m still amazed that I can even produce photographic images that way, so here’s one of my first examples…

For those who don’t already know: “Caffenol” is a developer for photographic black and white film and photographic paper. And for those who don’t know what I mean by developer: The developer is the chemical solution used to make an exposed photographic image on film or paper visible, usually followed by a “stop” bath to stop and clean the film before you put in a photographic fixer – used to make either photosensitive film or paper resistant to further exposure to light. Maybe I should explain the process more in detail sometime later on.


Back to Square One

So what else have I done lately?

About a week ago, I was playing around with FruityLoops and, well, here’s the result – a kind of 8-bit-ish tune with some rather infantile lyrics, need I say more?…

      1. Square One

Not completely sure if I was right on the “steal someone’s underwear” part – but I wanted something raunchy, silly and hopefully tongue-in-cheek humorous, and of course: something that rhymes with the word “square”.

(Click on the button above for a listen – IMHO electronic music sounds better with earphones, the stereo effects are more clear that way).