Did a few changes to the layout today – not that I really designed any of this myself (yet), sometimes I just don’t care too much about spending time “inventing the wheel” when there are so many good alternatives out there.

Music and Illustration

So what’s new?

Spent the past few days trying to polish up on my draftsmanship, as well as adding a few new pages to the website.

New pages are:


Songs – Whole songs, finished works and the likes of it

Samples and Sequences – Unfinished projects, experiments in making sound effects using synthesizers, short melodic themes et cetera.


Pen and Ink – Drawings by hand

Black on White – Whatever I make that’s simply black on a white backdrop.


Haven’t uploaded anything new the last few days, so I thought I’d add a little music I made a while ago.

This time it’s a kind of instrumental thing I made programming synthesizers (in true 8-bit spirit), using only one synth (many times), and no samples.

      1. Kenny Never Made It



Today I spent some more time scanning black and white film (Tri-X, T-Max, APX 100, SFX 200 etc.), and noticed it looks really grainy even though a lot of these are ISO 100 films. My theory is that even though there’s another link in the chain – it’s still better (sometimes) to do the optical print first, considering how forgiving optical/chemical print is for dust and ISO compared to the crudeness of scanning directly.

Several of todays entries are submitted to “Film – Scans”.