Such a long time!

It’s almost half a year since I last said anything here.

Why? Because I’ve just moved back to Norway that’s why – been looking for a job, working part-time at an old job, and collecting, always collecting stuff.

And in the spirit of what I enjoy collecting, I thought I’d comment on what type of drafting equipment I’ve had a hard time getting a hold of.

1. Staedtler Mars Lumograph:

Best artist pencils around, 4H really IS 4H and 8B really is black. From experience I’ve had luck getting them at Akademika in Oslo, as well as I’ve found they sell them at the “Pen Store” in Stockholm. Otherwise they seem to have a meager collection of a few at the Ark book store at Egertorget in Oslo as well as Zinkvit in Uppsala.

2. Rotring and Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph/Isograph:

Probably best bet is to get them on Amazon.

3. Beam compass:

Again, the UK seems to have the best selection of illustration and drafting equipment.

4. Bristol Board:

I’ve actually found a great little Art Supply store in Ski that sells original Bristol Board in A4 and A3. Otherwise, Letraset seems to offer a similar type of paper – only a bit more expensive at stores such as Clas Ohlson and Panduro.

5. Flexible Curves:

Another product I’ve yet only found at the Torso Art Supply store in Ski, how strange to find what your looking for right under your nose while looking far and wide for this stuff.

As for light tables – they sell them in stores now, but at ridiculout prices. Alternatively you could use an old flat screen computer monitor or TV set as a light table, or just get a simple plexiglass plate. Personally I was in luck finding one in the trash one day (that’s 1895 NOK worth of light table for free).

For those of you who live in Scandinavia, I suggest trying out the Swedish ebay: and search for “passare”, and you might not find a beam compass for sale at all times, but at least they sell some really nice sets for a reasonable price.

I’ve been going through the Cheeseman-Meyer book on Perspective to check for good drafting equipment, as there’s a little list there on practical drawing equipment for descriptive geometry.

I think that’s all for now…