About Me

Name: Thor Chr. Arisland

Age: 30
E-mail: mail@tcarisland.com

Occupation: Student, Clerk, All round IT guy

Current Residence: Oslo / Stockholm


2014 2018 University of Oslo Computer Science: Nanoelectronics Bachelors
2006 2009 University of Oslo Art History Bachelors
2003 2006 Oppegård Videregående Design Studies Upper Secondary School

Work experience:

istockphoto (microstock experience)

rammexperten.no (photography, illustration, editorial work – pretty much everything)

gavepakninger.no (photography)

– sadly, this site is no longer active, it used to be an online grocery store of sorts, using the waybackmachine I managed to get a pdf printout of the site here: Gavepakninger.


2015 Foto og Rammebutikken A/S salesman
technical support
graphic designer
2012 2015 IT Konsept store clerk
secretarial work
2011 2012 Academic Work consultant
technical support
2010 2011 Foto og Rammebutikken A/S salesman
2008 2010 Elnor Colosseum salesman
2005 2007 Easy24 A/S store clerk

Interests: Music Production, Illustration, Photography, Programming, Electronics, Films

Programming languages familiar with: Java, C, x86 Assembly Language, Perl

Academic Achievements:

Here’s a list of courses I’ve taken over the years. All taken at the University of Oslo.

Computer Science

No Course English Name Norwegian Name Type
32 MAT1100 Calculus Kalkulus Mathematics
31 INF1300 Introduction to Databases Introduksjon til Databaser Computer Science
30 INF2220 Algorithms and Data Structures Algoritmer og Datastrukturer Computer Science
29 INF1050 Software Engineering Systemutvikling Computer Science
28 INF1411 Electronics Fundamentals Elektroniske Systemer Computer Science
27 INF2270 Computer Architecture Datamaskinarkitektur Computer Science
26 INF1400 Digital teknologi Digital technology Computer Science
25 INF1060 Introduction to Operative Systems and Networking Introduksjon til operativsystemer og datakommunikasjon Computer Science
24 INF1010 Object-oriented programming Objektorientert programmering Computer Science
23 INF1000 Introduction to object-oriented programming Introduksjon til objektorientert programmering Computer Science

Humanities Subjects

Most of these were taken during the span of my first bachelor’s degree from 2006-2009.

A few of them were taken for the fun of it in 2010 and 2013.

No Course English Name Norwegian Name Type
22 IDE1101 Intellectual history from antiquity to the middle ages Antikkens og middelalderens tenkning Intellectual History
21 KUN2201 Design culture: Ten Things Designkultur: Ti ting Art History
20 KUN2230 Art, Technology, Media Kunst, Teknologi, Medier Art History
19 KUN1010 Antiquity. Greek and roman architecture and visual arts to 300 AD Antikken. Gresk og romersk arkitektur og billedkunst til ca. 300 Art History
18 KUN2310 The gothic era as a concept and reality. Art and architecture 1140-1400 Gotikken som forestilling og realitet: perspektiver på byggverk og billedkunst 1140-1400 Art History
17 FIL2505 19th century philosophy Det 19. århundres filosofi Philosophy
16 REL1003 Introduction to comparative religion studies Innføring i sammenliknende religionsstudier History of Religion
15 KUN1020 Middle Ages. Art and architecture ca. 300-1300 Middelalder. Arkitektur og billedkunst ca 300-1300 Art History
14 KUN2071 Norwegian art 1870-1920 Norsk billedkunst 1870-1920 Art History
13 MEVIT2532 Film history Filmhistorie Media Studies
12 KUN1060 Modernism and contemporaneity. Architecture and art after 1900 Modernisme og samtid. Arkitektur og billedkunst etter 1900 Art History
11 KUN2000 History of aesthetics Estetikkens historie Art History
10 KUN2081 Chinese art Kinesisk kunst Art History
9 FIL1001 Introduction to metaphysics and philosophy of mind Innføring i metafysikk og bevissthetsfilosofi Philosophy
8 KUN1030 Renaissance. Architecture and art ca 1300-1600 Renessanse. Arkitektur og billedkunst ca 1300-1600 Art History
7 KUN1000 Introduction to Art History Introduksjon til kunsthistorie Art History
6 KUN1040 Baroque and classicism. 17th and 18th century architecture and art. Barokk og klassisisme. 1600- og 1700-tallets arkitektur og billedkunst Art History
5 KUN1050 Romanticism and realism. 19th century architecture and art. Romantikk og realisme. 1800-tallets arkitektur og billedkunst Art History
4 FIL1003 Introduction to ethics Innføring i etikk Philosophy
3 FIL1005 Introduction to philosophical history up to 1800 Innføring i filosofihistorie frem til 1800 Philosophy
2 EXFAC03-FIL Examen facultatum. Philosophy variant. Examen facultatum, filosofivariant Philosophy
1 EXPHIL03 Examen philosophicum. Examen philosophicum Philosophy