About Me

Who am I?

My name is Thor Christopher Arisland.

I’m a computer science student trying to get a break in the fields of programming, illustration, graphic design, photography, sound- and type design.

Over the years I’ve managed to get some moderate amount of work experience in all of these fields, either through selling my work online through microstock agencies or the occasional product photography shoot while working in retail.

As mentioned earlier, I have one bachelors degree in Art History and I’m pretty close to finishing my other degree in Computer Science, specialising in courses that focus on either hardware design (microelectronics) or programming in general.

Since March 2017, I’ve been doing a lot of type design, and because I got so much feedback and found so many people interested in my work, I’ve tried to make as many fonts as I can on my free time. My next goal is reaching 10 fonts up on DaFont and reaching 200 000 downloads.

Please go ahead and visit my pages to see the work I’ve done in the fields of