About Me

Who am I?

My name is Thor Christopher Arisland, and I’m a bit of a dilettante.

My main interests are working with visual arts, visual communication, computers and technology, programming, producing music or sound design and mainly doing creative work be it audio, visual, digital or analog.

I have one bachelors degree in Art History and I’m pretty close to finishing my other degree in Computer Science, specialising in courses that focus on either hardware design (microelectronics) or programming in general.

Since March 2017, I’ve been doing a lot of type design, and since I got so much feedback and found so many people interested in my work, I’ve tried to make as many fonts as I can on my free time. My next goal is reaching 10 fonts up on DaFont and reaching 200 000 downloads.

Here’s a list of information about myself, mainly regarding work experience and academic achievements:

Name: Thor Chr. Arisland

Age: 31
E-mail: mail@tcarisland.com


I’m currently a student at the University of Oslo. My “brick and mortar” employer runs multiple companies and uses my skills and services for most of them, I also do stock photography, illustration and type design, these are employers in the sense that I receive royalties from them.

Student – University of Oslo, Computer Science

Type Designer – Creative Fabrica

Graphic Designer – Foto og Rammebutikken A/S and iStockphoto.com

Web Admin – Foto og Rammebutikken A/S, Skinbeam A/S and MonteBello View

Secretary – Foto og Rammebutikken A/S, Skinbeam A/S and MonteBello View

Clerk – Foto og Rammebutikken A/S

Current Residence: Oslo / Stockholm


2014 2018 University of Oslo Computer Science: Nanoelectronics Bachelors
2006 2009 University of Oslo Art History Bachelors
2003 2006 Oppegård Videregående Design Studies Upper Secondary School

Work experience:

istockphoto (microstock experience)

rammexperten.no (photography, illustration, editorial work – pretty much everything)

gavepakninger.no (photography)

– sadly, this site is no longer active, it used to be an online grocery store of sorts, using the waybackmachine I managed to get a pdf printout of the site here: Gavepakninger.


2015 Foto og Rammebutikken A/S salesman
technical support
graphic designer
2012 2015 IT Konsept store clerk
secretarial work
2011 2012 Academic Work consultant
technical support
2010 2011 Foto og Rammebutikken A/S salesman
2008 2010 Elnor Colosseum salesman
2005 2007 Easy24 A/S store clerk

Interests: Music Production, Illustration, Photography, Programming, Electronics, Films

Familiar with following technologies: 

Name Experience
Java Preferred language for making desktop applications, pretty fluent
C My other preferred language for desktop applications, also fairly natural
x86 Assembly Language Assembly feels like C programming, only a little more challenging.
Perl My first programming language experience, learning Java was a breath of fresh air after this
PHP My experience with Perl, HTML and Java made PHP pretty easy
Python Not my main language, but I use it to script FontForge
Bash I don’t use the advanced features, scripting should make easy things easy, that’s what it does
GNU Make I like to think of a Makefile as a specialised shell-script, pretty necessary for compiling C-code
PostgreSQL How I was introduced to SQL, it’s technically better than MySQL I guess
MySQL Since it’s ubiquitous, I use this all the time.
HTML My first “computer language” experience when I was 13 or 14
CSS Pretty easy stuff, just keep track of the div-tags, keep testing your page and read the manual
JavaScript Another “just look up the manual” language for me, if I need to do something I just look it up

Academic Achievements:

Here’s a list of courses I’ve taken over the years. All taken at the University of Oslo.

1 EXFAC03-FILExamen facultatum. Philosophy variant.Philosophy
2 FIL250519th century philosophyPhilosophy
3 FIL1003Introduction to ethicsPhilosophy
4 EXPHIL03Examen philosophicum.Philosophy
5 FIL1005Introduction to philosophical history up to 1800Philosophy
6 FIL1001Introduction to metaphysics and philosophy of mindPhilosophy
7 MEVIT2532Film historyMedia Studies
8 MAT1100CalculusMathematics
9 IDE1101Intellectual history from antiquity to the middle agesIntellectual History
10 REL1003Introduction to comparative religion studiesHistory of Religion
11 INF1060Introduction to Operative Systems and NetworkingComputer Science
12 INF2270Computer ArchitectureComputer Science
13 INF1010Object-oriented programmingComputer Science
14 INF1411Electronics FundamentalsComputer Science
15 INF1300Introduction to DatabasesComputer Science
16 INF1050Software EngineeringComputer Science
17 INF2220Algorithms and Data StructuresComputer Science
18 INF1000Introduction to object-oriented programmingComputer Science
19 INF1400Digital teknologiComputer Science
20 KUN2230Art, Technology, MediaArt History
21 KUN1040Baroque and classicism. 17th and 18th century architecture and art.Art History
22 KUN2081Chinese artArt History
23 KUN1020Middle Ages. Art and architecture ca. 300-1300Art History
24 KUN2000History of aestheticsArt History
25 KUN2310The gothic era as a concept and reality. Art and architecture 1140-1400Art History
26 KUN1000Introduction to Art HistoryArt History
27 KUN1050Romanticism and realism. 19th century architecture and art.Art History
28 KUN2201Design culture: Ten ThingsArt History
29 KUN1030Renaissance. Architecture and art ca 1300-1600Art History
30 KUN2071Norwegian art 1870-1920Art History
31 KUN1010Antiquity. Greek and roman architecture and visual arts to 300 ADArt History
32 KUN1060Modernism and contemporaneity. Architecture and art after 1900Art History