Familiar with following technologies: 

Name Experience
Java Preferred language for making desktop applications, pretty fluent
C My other preferred language for desktop applications, also fairly natural
x86 Assembly Language Assembly feels like C programming, only a little more challenging.
Perl My first programming language experience, learning Java was a breath of fresh air after this
PHP My experience with Perl, HTML and Java made PHP pretty easy
Python Not my main language, but I use it to script FontForge
Bash I don’t use the advanced features, scripting should make easy things easy, that’s what it does
GNU Make I like to think of a Makefile as a specialised shell-script, pretty necessary for compiling C-code
PostgreSQL How I was introduced to SQL, it’s technically better than MySQL I guess
MySQL Since it’s ubiquitous, I use this all the time.
HTML My first “computer language” experience when I was 13 or 14
CSS Pretty easy stuff, just keep track of the div-tags, keep testing your page and read the manual
JavaScript Another “just look up the manual” language for me, if I need to do something I just look it up
LaTeX If you study math or Computer Science at a University, you just have to know som TeX
MatLab Same as with TeX I guess