2014 2017 University of Oslo Computer Science Bachelors
2006 2009 University of Oslo Art History Bachelors
2003 2006 OppegÄrd VideregÄende Design Studies Upper Secondary School


Here’s a list of courses I’ve taken over the years. All taken at the University of Oslo.

1 INF1050Software EngineeringComputer Science
2 INF2100Programming Project AssignmentComputer Science
3 INF3430Digital Systems ConstructionComputer Science
4 INF1000Introduction to object-oriented programmingComputer Science
5 INF1400Digital TechnologyComputer Science
6 INF3331Higher Level ProgrammingComputer Science
7 INF1060Introduction to Operative Systems and NetworkingComputer Science
8 INF2220Algorithms and Data StructuresComputer Science
9 INF1010Object-oriented programmingComputer Science
10 INF1411Electronics FundamentalsComputer Science
11 INF3400Digital NanoelectronicsComputer Science
12 INF1300Introduction to DatabasesComputer Science
13 INF2270Computer ArchitectureComputer Science
14 KUN1010Antiquity. Greek and roman architecture and visual arts to 300 ADArt History
15 KUN1060Modernism and contemporaneity. Architecture and art after 1900Art History
16 KUN2230Art, Technology, MediaArt History
17 KUN1040Baroque and classicism. 17th and 18th century architecture and art.Art History
18 KUN2081Chinese artArt History
19 KUN1020Middle Ages. Art and architecture ca. 300-1300Art History
20 KUN2000History of aestheticsArt History
21 KUN2310The gothic era as a concept and reality. Art and architecture 1140-1400Art History
22 KUN1000Introduction to Art HistoryArt History
23 KUN1050Romanticism and realism. 19th century architecture and art.Art History
24 KUN2201Design culture: Ten ThingsArt History
25 KUN1030Renaissance. Architecture and art ca 1300-1600Art History
26 KUN2071Norwegian art 1870-1920Art History
27 IDE1101Intellectual history from antiquity to the middle agesIntellectual History
28 MAT1100CalculusMathematics
29 REL1003Introduction to comparative religion studiesHistory of Religion
30 FIL1005Introduction to philosophical history up to 1800Philosophy
31 FIL1001Introduction to metaphysics and philosophy of mindPhilosophy
32 EXFAC03-FILExamen facultatum. Philosophy variant.Philosophy
33 FIL250519th century philosophyPhilosophy
34 FIL1003Introduction to ethicsPhilosophy
35 EXPHIL03Examen philosophicum.Philosophy
36 MEVIT2532Film historyMedia Studies