It’s been over a year. So long, even though I’ve been working on this page several times.

So what’s new?

I’ve started studying computer science at the University of Oslo, and spent most of the year learning about Java.

Only recently did I read up on applets in a book on game programming and found it so much easier than the troublesome JSF stuff I was reading up on, but I guess it’s probably like that for a reason, as I noticed applets are a real pain on the user side.

I’ve also registered for VPS to get a platform for programming experiments

As I haven’t had a chance to secure my server with SSL yet it’s probably ”impossible” to run for most people (took me at least five minutes to get my Macbook to accept the applet).

After that I thought I’d try and play with it in photoshop. to my surprise a simple filter managed to turn the letters into bubbles:

Hopefully, later on I’ll be making some more interesting applications or applets. Looking forward to the next challenge at uni where we’re supposed to make an automatic Sudoku-puzzle solver.

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