Video Game Music

Last week, I noticed I haven’t really made that many game music tracks to use for the games I’ve been learning to make on Udemy, so I registered an account on and started contributing.

The idea is to not be too precious about the quality and just try and stay productive for as long as possible. In time I might delete the worse tracks and leave the good ones.

My profile can be found here:

Block Breaker

I’ve been following a course on Udemy on game development with Unity.

Block Breaker is an Arkanoid/Breakout clone.

I changed the script to move the paddle with the arrow keys.

You start the game by clicking on the screen or pressing the spacebar key.

Click here to play.

Tilemaps Day 2

This evening I continued experimenting with designing pixelated tiles at a 32X32 resolution.

My “Hothead” font is available for sale on Creative Fabrica here.


Lately I’ve been following some Udemy courses, particularly the one on 2D game Design with Unity.

In the course I started learning about tilemaps and so I started drawing some of my own today.

For prototyping the tilemap I made a sample scene, which I found out was useful as an illustration photo for one of my new fonts: Hothead.

It’s fun when the different skills come together and supplement each other.

My new font is available on DaFont here.

Fontstats Plugin

Today I finished a little WordPress plugin I’ve been working on.

It’s a two part plugin, one php script collects data from any Norwegian designer on DaFont by visiting each site, and by the power of Regex-Grayskull it inserts it into a database on my website.

The WordPress plugin then selects the last sampled date and displays it in a HTML-table on any post or page where I insert the registered shortcode.

Here’s the result:

No.DownloadsDesignerDate SampledCountry
1105053478Måns Grebäck2018-08-15Sweden
222476627Pizzadude - Jakob Fischer2018-08-15Denmark
34482752Johan Waldenström2018-08-15Sweden
43383418Mr.fisk Fonts - Mike Larsson2018-08-15Sweden
53228048Carl Krull2018-08-15Denmark
63213926Fontourist - Hans Gerhard Meier2018-08-15Norway
72696364Listemageren - Klaus Johansen2018-08-15Denmark
82549288Johan Aakerlund2018-08-15Denmark
92381537CheapProFonts - Roger S. Nelsson2018-08-15Norway
111252004Flight of the Dragon - Hasan Guven2018-08-15Norway
121046455Christian Munk2018-08-15Denmark
13711443Your Own Font - Ellinor Rapp2018-08-15Sweden
14549289Vinterstille TypeFaceLab - Klaus Nielsen2018-08-15Denmark
15548663Adam Ericsson2018-08-15Sweden
17478246Viktor Hammarberg2018-08-15Sweden
18434258Moonbase Press - Svein Kåre Gunnarson2018-08-15Norway
19405213Espen Morten Kvalheim2018-08-15Norway
20349163Staffan Vilcans2018-08-15Sweden
21320365Martin Holm2018-08-15Norway
22319423Thor Christopher Arisland2018-08-15Norway
23313542Jonas Borneland Hansen2018-08-15Denmark
24232922Norwegian Ink / Design for Dough - Frode Nordbø2018-08-15Norway
25204647Anton - Anton Lundström2018-08-15Sweden
26204352David Engelby2018-08-15Denmark
27197461dawnland - Daniel Viberg2018-08-15Sweden
28174658211178 Creative Agency - Morten Talleivsen2018-08-15Norway
29132431Martin Sørensen2018-08-15Denmark
3191577Andreas Larsen2018-08-15Denmark
3289783Nils Kähler2018-08-15Denmark
3389454Joaquim Marquès Nielsen2018-08-15Denmark
3482460Pär Lundkvist2018-08-15Sweden
3581362Anton Bohlin2018-08-15Sweden
3675469Digital Flame Studios - sindre små2018-08-15Norway
3862578huskmelk - Rashid Akrim2018-08-15Norway
3960365Kyrre Honohan2018-08-15Norway
4054773Pia Hed Aspell2018-08-15Sweden
4152950Nadia Rosenfeldt2018-08-15Denmark
4251262Linn Mustanoja2018-08-15Sweden
4348790Lars Håhus2018-08-15Sweden
4443621ronjam - Ronja Melcker2018-08-15Sweden
4540805Atle Mo2018-08-15Norway
4635944Erik Jeddere-Fisher2018-08-15Norway
4832113benjamin rauber2018-08-15Sweden
4930891Arman Ay2018-08-15Sweden
5026875Mark Lund2018-08-15Norway
5125818Botond Bokor2018-08-15Sweden
5225801Andrew Nordquist2018-08-15Sweden
5425718Dan Thorup2018-08-15Denmark
5524420Aske Ching2018-08-15Denmark
5721040Carl Enlund2018-08-15Sweden
5820587Bull - Sandra Madsen2018-08-15Denmark
5920237Henrik Johansson2018-08-15Sweden
6020197David Lindecrantz2018-08-15Sweden
6120025Erik Holm2018-08-15Norway
6219772Kristian Dalen2018-08-15Norway
6316964Mandy Pandy2018-08-15Sweden
6416640Studio Indigo - Helena Öhman2018-08-15Sweden
6514532Christian Koch2018-08-15Denmark
6612918Alexander Rossebø2018-08-15Norway
6712518Johan Brodd2018-08-15Sweden
6811158Viktor Örneland2018-08-15Sweden
699507Mathias Alvebring2018-08-15Sweden
727514Mathias Rue2018-08-15Denmark
736855Manuela Hardy2018-08-15Norway
756511Sara Lindberg2018-08-15Sweden
766497Gröt Havregrynsson2018-08-15Sweden
776272Mattis Folkestad2018-08-15Norway
785465Oliver Waldemar2018-08-15Sweden
794907Simon Jakobsson2018-08-15Sweden
804211KingDGaming - Elias Eriksson2018-08-15Sweden

Even more modular

Yet another font is in the works, right now it feels a bit like I’m working in a “pipeline” fashion making multiple fonts concurrently. My script font is basically finished (with some spacing and kerning issues to be addressed if it isn’t accepted on DaFont) and a link will be posted when it’s available on all the sites.