Even more modular

Yet another font is in the works, right now it feels a bit like I’m working in a “pipeline” fashion making multiple fonts concurrently. My script font is basically finished (with some spacing and kerning issues to be addressed if it isn’t accepted on DaFont) and a link will be posted when it’s available on all the sites.


I’ve been working on a script font for some time now, I finally got around to making the majuscules, numbers and punctuation, but I have to redo the kerning table.

THIS is why I prefer designing monospace fonts.

At least I’m gaining some experience in kerning and spacing.


I’ve been working on a new font the past few days, it’s going to be yet another geometric font, this time it’ll have tall letters, serifs and a fairly rigid composition.

The majuscules, minuscules and numbers are pretty much done, but I’m having a bit of trouble getting started with the non-alphanumeric characters. As always, the ampersand and the at sign remain to be the most difficult of the special characters, I’m considering borrowing some from my earlier high stress font “High Society”.

Norwegian Contributors

I now have a total of 6 fonts up on DaFont and 7 for purchase at CreativeFabrica.

I also noticed that people are listing type designers and typographers from around the world on several sites, including this one from Germany, and so I thought I’d make a list of Norwegian font designers on DaFont.

At the moment, I’m in 9th place with 125 467 downloads, and on a shared 5th place with 6 available fonts.

Nr. Name Website No. of Fonts Downloads
1 Hans Gerhard Meier http://www.fontourist.com/ 6 3,132,590
2 Roger S. Nelsson http://www.cheapprofonts.com 8 2,232,876
3 Hasan Guven http://www.lordkyl.net/ 15 1,207,040
4 Espen Morten Kvalheim http://www.unbornchikken.com/ 11 398,880
5 Svein Kåre Gunnarson http://www.dionaea.com/information/fonts.php 2 382,832
6 Martin Holm http://www.martinholm.com 4 295,064
7 Frode Nordbø http://www.norwegianink.com 7 226,417
8 Morten Talleivsen http://www.211178.no 1 162,158
9 Thor Christopher Arisland http://www.tcarisland.com 6 125,467
10 McKack   2 92,251
11 Sindre Små http://www.digitalflamestudios.net/ 1 74,859
12 Intense   1 71,349
13 Kyrre Honohan   1 59,732
14 Rashid Akrim http://huskmelk.no 2 58,939
15 Atle Mo   1 38,078
16 Erik Jeddere-Fisher http://totallyoilsome.wordpress.com 1 34,427
17 Mark Lund http://www.artbluck.com 2 26,176
18 Lisa   1 25,499
19 Kristian Dalen http://www.classless.biz 1 19,404
20 Erik Holm http://www.k21.no 1 17,580
21 Alexander Rossebø   1 11,947
22 Boksen   1 8,762
23 Manuela Hardy http://www.mrs-hardy.com/ 1 6,406
24 Mattis Folkestad http://machineboy.com 1 5,801