Video Game Music

Last week, I noticed I haven’t really made that many game music tracks to use for the games I’ve been learning to make on Udemy, so I registered an account on and started contributing.

The idea is to not be too precious about the quality and just try and stay productive for as long as possible. In time I might delete the worse tracks and leave the good ones.

My profile can be found here:

Scenic Route

Finally got around to shoot large format with an old Voigtländer I found on ”ebay”, thinking about scanning it sometime soon. In the mean time…

Starting to get a little more fascinated by DirectWave and the possibilities of writing orchestral pieces with sampled instruments, so I thought I’d make an attempt at something not so strictly electronic as I’ve been working on earlier, still, couldn’t stay away from the Synths for the whole piece though:

Music and Lyrics

As I am now, thanks to the genious of speech synthesis, able to write actual songs and not just instrumental tracks (even though I do like making instrumental tracks), I have had the priveledge as well as much fun in writing lyrics for my music, which is also why I will have to add another page to put these lyrics.

That is why I will from now on post all lyrical compositions, fantasies and impromptus (did you get the Chopin reference? eh? eh?) In a seperate page entitled ”Song Lyrics”.

At the moment I only have the two ”Electric Sheep” and ”Motor Oil”, but hopefully I’ll be able to fill this page up in not too long a time – all though I just noticed I should spend a bit more time on my drawing and illustration portfolio as well, oh well… That’s it for now, good bye…

Page can be found here (click on the part where it says ”here”), as well as in the menu to the right, you know, over there –>

Electric Sheep

Finally put a few finishing touches on my song – Electric Sheep, and the second chorus goes like this:

Two four six eight
I audibly communicate
by modulating frequencies
and filtering sound with greatest ease

Three five seven nine
I’m crunching numbers all the time
all because inside of me
there’s integrated circuitry

And so here goes: