Music and Lyrics

As I am now, thanks to the genious of speech synthesis, able to write actual songs and not just instrumental tracks (even though I do like making instrumental tracks), I have had the priveledge as well as much fun in writing lyrics for my music, which is also why I will have to add another page to put these lyrics.

That is why I will from now on post all lyrical compositions, fantasies and impromptus (did you get the Chopin reference? eh? eh?) In a seperate page entitled “Song Lyrics”.

At the moment I only have the two “Electric Sheep” and “Motor Oil”, but hopefully I’ll be able to fill this page up in not too long a time – all though I just noticed I should spend a bit more time on my drawing and illustration portfolio as well, oh well… That’s it for now, good bye…

Page can be found here (click on the part where it says “here“), as well as in the menu to the right, you know, over there –>

Electric Sheep

Finally put a few finishing touches on my song – Electric Sheep, and the second chorus goes like this:

Two four six eight
I audibly communicate
by modulating frequencies
and filtering sound with greatest ease

Three five seven nine
I’m crunching numbers all the time
all because inside of me
there’s integrated circuitry

And so here goes:

Android’s Dream

It’s thirty years since the movie was made, and over fourty since the book (Do Androids Dream of Elecric Sheep?), and all of this really has nothing to do with my choice to write another song about this particular theme.


All I really wanted was just something in that same theme of “What would a robot sing about” etc… And here’s the result, all though I have to admit, it’s kind of a lazy production and I should do some mixing and mastering, maybe even elaborate on the composition a bit, but I wanted to share it anyway because I’ve already spent a bit of time on it now:


And the lyrics go like this:


Not too long ago

I met a sheep

fleece white as snow

and electric


And he said to me

you are asleep

catching your z’s

so don’t be sceptic


That’s when I ‘d recall

how after all

my mind’s is still

so synthetic


How could I have a dream

when it would seem

thoughts in my head are only




Two four six eight

that’s how humans iterate

octal, hex or binary

translates automatically


Three five seven nine

I come from an assembly line

made from chips and nuts and bolts

running on a hundred volts


One day in Japan

when I was made

I met a man

and he told me


Some day you’ll become

just like the rest

thinking like some-

one almost human


How could I have foreseen

what it would mean

for a machine

to uninstructed


Know that I’m something new

and someone who

has a new point of view


“I Like Motor Oil”

What’s up for today you ask?

Well I’m working on what I feel is my first “real song”, and in the theme of a few of my other tracks available here:

Happy Robot

and here:

Square One

I’m writing about what a robot would sing about if he or she’d be given a voice, of which is possible now thanks to speech synthesis (and as is implied by the picture, I’m using Vocaloid, and the voice known as Sonika).

This is going to be my first Vocaloid and the lyrics go like this:

I like motor oil
I like how it trickles down my cog wheels
I like motor oil
I like how it lubricates my joints

I like motor oil
I like how it minimizes friction
That’s why motor oil
Is why I will never disappoint

And so.

That’s how I work like
perfect clockwork and
that’s how you should
take care of me
oh can’t you see how
I can move with a
perfect groove and that’s how
I shake my shiny metal ass

I like motor oil
I like how it stops me from corroding.
And on every coil
No manner of dust will it omit.

I like motor oil
by now you should know just why I like it
that’s how I can toil
And work as my user might seem fit

And again

Tell me how I may
feel this way and how
that I can know
it makes me glow and
let’s me show how
I’m a robot
with a weak spot
for liquids that gets my body moving.

By the way, I just had a listen online, and it came out rather loud, so I thought I’d write a little warning here.

So here goes! And as mentioned, it’s a work in progress, and an early draft.

      1. Motor Oil

Motor Oil