Caffenol and T-Max

Found a couple of old images laying around on my computer from the time I did a lot of analog photography.

I remember I used to just walk around the city whenever I got a new old camera (i.e. bought some old analog camera second hand) and take pictures of anything I found interesting.

Nothing special really, but looking at them now I kind of like them.

Wake up and smell the coffee developer!

So what’s on my mind lately? You might have guessed it: Caffenol.

And as I’ve yet to get stable results, I’m still amazed that I can even produce photographic images that way, so here’s one of my first examples…

For those who don’t already know: “Caffenol” is a developer for photographic black and white film and photographic paper. And for those who don’t know what I mean by developer: The developer is the chemical solution used to make an exposed photographic image on film or paper visible, usually followed by a “stop” bath to stop and clean the film before you put in a photographic fixer – used to make either photosensitive film or paper resistant to further exposure to light. Maybe I should explain the process more in detail sometime later on.


First day, First post.

So what is this all going to be about?

To be honest, at the moment, I have no clear agenda as to what I’ll be writing about here, so just for the hell of it, I’ll start by making a simple blog post.

Today I started with just another experiment with Caffenol.

For those who don’t know what Caffenol is: Caffenol is a film and paper developer for use in analog photography made from pretty easily obtainable household chemicals, i.e. instant coffee, ascorbic acid ( vitamin-c ), sodium carbonate ( washing soda ) and some manner of restrainer ( preferrably KBr – potassium bromide, but usually just iodized salt).

Todays experiment proved to be somewhat of a disappointment as the developer proved extremely slow compared to what it was the last time – and thus resulting in an almost fully transparent film.

Maybe I should just go back to using XTol for a while.

This is the recipe I usually use:

Caffenol-C-M (+i) film developer

Water 500ml
Washing Soda 27g
Ascorbic Acid 8g
Coffee Crystals 20g
Iodine Salt 5g