Fontstats Plugin

Today I finished a little WordPress plugin I’ve been working on.

It’s a two part plugin, one php script collects data from any Norwegian designer on DaFont by visiting each site, and by the power of Regex-Grayskull it inserts it into a database on my website.

The WordPress plugin then selects the last sampled date and displays it in a HTML-table on any post or page where I insert the registered shortcode.

Here’s the result:

No.DownloadsDesignerDate Sampled
13180091Fontourist - Hans Gerhard Meier2018-01-11
22307029CheapProFonts - Roger S. Nelsson2018-01-11
31227379Flight of the Dragon - Hasan Guven2018-01-11
4407689Moonbase Press - Svein Kåre Gunnarson2018-01-11
5402166Espen Morten Kvalheim2018-01-11
6306375Martin Holm2018-01-11
7230160Norwegian Ink / Design for Dough - Frode Nordbø2018-01-11
8203762Thor Christopher Arisland2018-01-11
9168370211178 Creative Agency - Morten Talleivsen2018-01-11
1175146Digital Flame Studios - sindre små2018-01-11
1360710huskmelk - Rashid Akrim2018-01-11
1460042Kyrre Honohan2018-01-11
1539464Atle Mo2018-01-11
1635259Erik Jeddere-Fisher2018-01-11
1726578Mark Lund2018-01-11
1919580Kristian Dalen2018-01-11
2018765Erik Holm2018-01-11
2112433Alexander Rossebø2018-01-11
236624Manuela Hardy2018-01-11
246149Mattis Folkestad2018-01-11