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So what’s all this Lipsum about?

And that short post stating the layout is finished?

Well, thing is – I finally got around to learning enough about developing WordPress themes to make my own, and this “proof of concept” (the concept being that I – with no previous experience with PHP (and still no considerable understanding of PHP apart from a general understanding of HTML, CSS and Perl) will be able to make my own WordPress theme) being the result of several days of “hard” labour trying to make this work.

So how did I do it without really knowing all that much PHP?

Well – the good thing about programming and markup languages is that once you know at least parts of one, you can pretty much get along using logical reasoning to get by – especially with a bit of cutting and pasting from the WordPress documentation pages as well as using simple themes as models.

Hopefully this theme will be able to be released for the general public – that is: the WordPress theme database if they chose to accept it (I probably have a lot of cleaning up to do with the code and everything), but for now, I think I’ll add a download link … HERE.

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