Over a month!

I just noticed it’s been over a month since last time I said anything here, so I guess it’s about time I do an update on what I’ve been up to.

The reason for me being inactive for so long is quite simply the fact that I now have a job that takes up a lot of my time. As well as being occupied with getting my little own LAMP server online @ here .

I think I’ll be working on the other site in the next couple of days as well – mostly as an experiment in writing another site from scratch using html and css, and maybe a bit of CGI with perl or php.

And for the record – I’m happy to say that I haven’t been inactive in my more artistic pursuits either – at least two new songs: “Cumulus” and “My Collie Rex” are added to my “songs” page. As well as I’ve taken a few photos to be uploaded later on.

But for now…


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