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What is this all about?

This is a place for me to collect stock images from my camera, sort them out and distribute them so I have it available, I could use Dropbox or some other cloud service, but drives get cluttered, and having them here makes them available so others might use them.

The point of these images is not to look good in itself, but to serve as reference or source material for other designs. The quality of some of these images might not be all that great as I upload anything I consider potentially useful.

How to download:

I use a plugin called lightbox gallery to show images on my site, this plugin adds a lightbox to my media galleries – the downside of this is that I have yet to find a compatible lightbox plugin that automatically adds a download link to the images.

Therefore, to download:

  • Click on the image you want
  • Right click on the image you’re viewing
  • Select “Copy image address”
  • Open a new tab and paste the url
  • Remove the size suffix to access the original size

By that I mean, if the image has the name “DSC_0568-1024×683.jpg”, then “DSC_0568.jpg” would be the name of the original file.

You may use my stock on these terms:

  • My work is free for personal use unless stated otherwise.
  • For commercial use, first check with my stock portfolio sites at Shutterstock and
  • If my work isn’t on any of these sites, contact me first.
  • If I let you use any of my stuff for free, please attribute me as a co-author by mentioning me and posting a link to one of my websites or portfolios.
  • If you purchased any of my stuff, thank you! Attributions are still greatly appreciated, feel free to contact me and let me see what my stuff is used for.


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Objects and Details:

Outdoor Pictures

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