Theme: ClockWork Neon.

My first theme, not using it at the moment, but it’s simple enough.

Named after the background image used, and a play on words. All images and graphics are designed and photographed by yours truly.

To download: Click HERE!

To install: Download and unzip folder, then upload to your (/wordpress/wp-content) /themes folder (make sure that the folder isn’t a duplicate folder within a folder – that is ./clockworkneon NOT ./clockworkneon/clockworkneon).

To activate: Log into your wordpress dashboard – then click appearance – ┬áthen themes, and then the little activate button below the screenshot.

Also available in inverted (light) colors!

To download: click HERE!

Current version for this one is 0.1.3 – this theme uses the same code, only with a different style.css and image folder (and of course: the screenshot).