Weekend at the internets

I just realized I’ve spent the whole weekend trying to polish up on the WordPress theme here (the layout of the page) – and I haven’t even started looking that much into code functionality. As of yet, I’ve been able to make this theme:

  • Widget friendly
  • Plugin friendly
  • Able to change website name and description using the Settings panel in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Make admins able to edit individual pages with an “Edit” button below each post and page.
  • Featured permalinks both in title and seperate “Permalink” button for each individual post.

Yet still I have to admit I’ve spent most of the time fixing up CSS – recent changes involving.

  • New background (not just the clock, but cogwheels and whatnot further down the page for a bit of variation)
  • Styled Links to make things look cleaner and without all the underlines and everything.
  • Changed brightness of background as well as “window” density with a 85% transparent background for content instead of just 70 like it used to.
  • Changed caption formatting.
  • Removed published-dates for pages, so that it only shows for individual posts.

PS: I’ve also made an alternate version of the theme with inverted light colours, available HERE!.

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