What’s on the curriculum vitae for today?

OK, I’m sorry, it’s really a most horrible wordplay (the title that is), but what can you expect at 2 AM

”I’m Thor Arisland and this… is two AM”.

Anyway, as misguided as the title is, it still manages to encompass what I have to show for myself for todays endeavors, i.e. my own resume written, reformatted and uploaded to my website for further convenience – hopefully to make job hunting just a little bit easier.

For the moment it’s only available in Norwegian, but the good news is is that you could see it both as a web page, or as a PDF document, now isn’t that neat?

Both pages are linked on my ”About Me” page.PDF is HERE, and HTML is HERE.

By the way, I should mention that all images used on my site, apart from screenshots, logos and other obvious images used for editorial purposes are created by yours and yours truly. Because of this I urge you not to use any imagery from this site without asking for my permission (of which I’d gladly give, it’s just that I like knowing how my pictures are used in other contexts than those of my own doing).

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