Dinner Shot

Yesterday I thought I’d have a go at some food photography and practice some more lighting.

With sips and the inpainting brush in Affinity Photo I could easily edit multiple images and make them ready for uploading to Shutterstock fast and effieciently. What I really like about this site is the fact that I can upload files over ftp, and batch processing of titles and keywords made it even more convenient.

On top of that, I had a 100% acceptance rate.

The images can be found on my Shutterstock portfolio here.

Stock Images

I’ve done some restructuring of the page lately.

The About Me page has been divided into separate pages for clarity, the following pages are:

Work History : A table containing information about where I’ve worked over the years.

Occupation : A description of where and what I’m currently working with.

Competencies : A list of software, technologies, programming languages and vocational subjects I’m familiar with.

Education : Information about my formal education, including a list of courses.

I’ve also added a few pages to my Photography section, especially the Stock page containing images made to be used as stock images for designs and illustration purposes.


Reading up on my upcoming exams, neverending student that I am, when I thought it might be nice to go through some more pictures I’ve taken lately.

This time I thought I’d share a few photographs of my lovely fiancé Cristine.

Caffenol and T-Max

Found a couple of old images laying around on my computer from the time I did a lot of analog photography.

I remember I used to just walk around the city whenever I got a new old camera (i.e. bought some old analog camera second hand) and take pictures of anything I found interesting.

Nothing special really, but looking at them now I kind of like them.


I went through some old pictures yesterday and found these of a squirrel that used to live by my apartment at the old apartment in Stockholm (in late October).

There seems to be a lot of squirrels in Stockholm in general, especially around the park area called ”Djurgården”. Other than that I still haven’t managed to get a clear shot (picture) of the deer that lives in my current ”back yard” that is: the natural reserve outside my current apartment.






Today I spent some more time scanning black and white film (Tri-X, T-Max, APX 100, SFX 200 etc.), and noticed it looks really grainy even though a lot of these are ISO 100 films. My theory is that even though there’s another link in the chain – it’s still better (sometimes) to do the optical print first, considering how forgiving optical/chemical print is for dust and ISO compared to the crudeness of scanning directly.

Several of todays entries are submitted to ”Film – Scans”.